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Missouri Hardwood Mill - Birch Tree, Missouri

Missouri Hardwood Flooring Company began in 1911 when Edward Kercher traded his coffee and tea concession cart for a set of flooring installation tools. Edward soon became known for his craftsmanship and his business began to grow. Edward bought the mill in Birch Tree, Missouri and the Missouri Hardwood Flooring Company brand was born. Missouri Hardwood survived the Great Depression and ceased flooring production during WWII to make products for the war effort. In 2009 Hardwoods of Missouri, LLC bought the assets and continue manufacturing the “Missouri Hardwood Flooring Company” brand. Missouri Hardwood has been known for nearly a century for having carefully manufactured flooring from lumber harvested in the Missouri Ozarks and neighboring regions. We have state of the art equipment and take great pride in our attention to detail. Whether it is the hardwood flooring or our hardwood lumber we hope you will enjoy our finely manufactured products.


Hardwood Lumber
"4/4" thickness in Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory and Walnut

Hardwood Flooring
Red Oak, White Oak and Hickory

Strip Widths: 1½”(limited), 2¼”
Plank Widths: 3¼”, 4”, 5”

Select & Better
#1 Common,
#2 Common,
Euro Common (#1 and #2 combination)
Tavern (#3)

We are now buying Green 4/4 Red Oak, White Oak, and Walnut.
Very prompt pay.